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About Us

  Xinbao Hardware Co., Ltd., Shenzhen City, established in 1990 in a developed economy and convenient transportation Pearl River Delta, Shenzhen is a young and vibrant team of professionals with many manufacturers experienced screw manufacturing background and experience in domestic marketing expertise composition, in order to provide customers with excellent service.

  Shenzhen Westwood business professionals to screw construction, mechanical engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment, environmental engineering, solar energy, petrochemicals, precision electronic instruments, providing high-quality stainless steel, alloy steel, titanium, copper materials, bolts, nuts, machine screws, set screws, high strength large bolts, nuts and non-standard shaped fastener sales distribution services.

新万博体育  Westwood Enterprises Shenzhen screw with a positive, harmonious and innovative business ideas and professional quality, integrity, professional quality products to customers. We rely on good quality inspection system to ensure the quality of company products. In management, the company of "people first" principle of scientific management to ensure high-quality goods, the most realistic price. To "gather intelligence staff, the pursuit of customer satisfaction" approach to serve our customers praise!

Tel :0755-27575922
Company E-mail:
Company Address: Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Road, turn around 352 (screw Westwood Wholesale Center)
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  We are committed to industrial fasteners and fastening technology-centric business, providing customers with:
   ○ OEM screw production and supply chain management
   ○ high-quality industrial fasteners and related parts
   ○ to provide electronic, communications, chemical, construction, machinery and other industries fastening systems engineering solutions
   Services include: City, Shenzhen Xinbao main distribution products screw Standard: GB (GB), German standard (DIN), American Standard (ANSI), British standard (BS), Japanese Standard (JIS) and International Standard (ISO) of high quality stainless steel fasteners, and customized according to customer non-standard type fasteners.
   Xinbao City Screw Products Material: SUS304, 304H, 304M, 316,316 L, 321,2520,35 #, 45 #, CH45K, 35CrMo, 42CrMo, SCM435, etc.
   Xinbao City Screw Products are widely used in: aerospace industry, lighting appliances, electronic parts, machine tools machinery, chemical industry, military industry, metallurgy, machinery, tooling industry, hydraulic assembly, automotive industry, solar industry, wind power industry, construction industry, machinery engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment, environmental engineering, sewage treatment equipment, etc.
   Our products have passed ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification enterprises manufacturing the products they supply are in line with EU RoHs testing requirements.
   Screw Westwood is committed to continuous improvement, personnel training, improve product quality and service quality to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, is worthy of your trusted partner. Provide customers with quality products at the same time, providing customers with fastening systems expertise and technical support to connect the program!
新万博体育 --- I believe Xinbao City Hardware Co., Ltd. Shenzhen will become your most reliable partner

新万博体育 Shenzhen screws, standard parts, fasteners, high strength large bolts, nuts and non-standard shaped fasteners wholesale sales and distribution,

Shenzhen Government construction projects screws, fasteners, standard parts procurement designated units:
Shenzhen screw Wholesale Center (Westwood, screws) the distribution list of branch addresses

  [1], Baoan Main Store: Area 45, Bao'an District, stood up Road 352 (Haitian Garden)
  Tel: (0755) 2,757,533,627,575,251 Fax: 27577716
  [2] Storage Rack: Area 45, Bao'an District, No. Haitian Garden 1041-1042
  Tel: (0755) 2,757,793,627,577,939 Fax: 27577136
  [3] Bao branch: Area 45, Bao'an District, Hong Du Business Building, emancipated Road Shop 8
  Tel: (0755) 2,757,773,227,577,797 Fax: 27577737
  [4] The new warehouse store: Area 44, Bao'an District, Hong Du Industrial Park on the first floor Shop No. 2 (behind the venture Rainbow)
  Tel: (0755) 2,998,833,229,988,329 Fax: 29988296
  [5], Nanshan Branch: Nanshan District, 65 Commercial Street to the Village (Marina Boulevard intersection)
  Tel: (0755) 8,606,639,386,066,394 Fax: 86061776
  [6] Fukuda branch: Futian District, Island King Fuk 3 21-22 shops on the first floor (opposite the Carrefour Shopping Centre)
  Tel: (0755) 8,342,233,683,422,836 Fax: 83422326
  [7] manhole outlets: Xinsha Road, Baoan District, 303-305 (Jia Hua opposite Shopping Centre)
  Tel: (0755) 2,993,118,929,931,289 Fax: 29931389
  [8] Bao branch: emancipated Road, Baoan District, home decoration materials, hardware city of Po E169 (opposite Fu Love Shopping Centre)
  Tel: (0755) 27577793

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